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Playground Furniture - Located in Nice, France

My wife and I recently visited Europe. We came across an urban playground in Nice, a playground with furniture so innovative and appealing that I immediately wanted to take pictures so that I could share this with anybody that might be interested. 

The wood furniture in the nautical theme park stands out for its creative design, its complexity and at the same time, its simplicity. The pieces range in complexity of design - thus also in challenge to the children playing on them - from the fish body cargo net/ climbing apparatus with the slide coming out of its nose - to the turtle.  Notice the calming nature of the turtle, a piece for smaller children. This piece is for climbing, it is also a slide. The swings are mounted onto whales' tails.

There are also water features in the park, a wading pool and various sprays.

The ground that the equipment sits on, is spongy, with an all-weather carpet surface, providing safety in case of falls or tumbles. Stunning!

Wouldn't some of this furniture be a wonderful addition to one of our parks, particularly a park attached to a school!