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Kiwanis Care Centre - Proud of its Exemplary Standing Accreditation


Kiwanis Care Centre Society

Casey has long held a keen interest in promoting and facilitating the health and well-being of Seniors. In that context, he has been involved in the Kiwanis Care Centre for over seven years. He is currently in his sixth year as the President of the Kiwanis Care Centre Society.  

The Kiwanis Care Centre is a 76 bed resident care facility located in New Westminster. It is located at 35 Clute St., directly behind Royal Square Mall.

Press the prompt to go to the Fraser Health Region information on Kiwanis Care Centre.

The Board of Kiwanis Care Centre is constituted as follows:

President                               Casey Cook

Vice-President                        Rob Stewart                                                  

Treasurer                              Chuck Condon

Director                                 Marge Ashdown

Director                                 Sukhjit S. Grewall

Director                                 Don Bowman

Director                                 Sukhi Sandhu

Senior staff at the Kiwanis Care Centre are:

Executive Director               Lorrie Gerrard  

Director of Care                  Pierre Florendo

Q.I./human Resources/ Plant Manager       La Vorasarn

Financial Services                Keith Herbert

Medical Advisor and medical services      Dr. G Burns  

The Kiwanis Care Centre has the following as its Mission:

The Kiwanis Care Centre is a 76 bed resident care facility serving the lower Mainland Area. Its mission is to continuously improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of our care, services and resident satisfaction, to promote health and safe activities for our residents and staff, and to participate with other health agencies and to promote the well-being of the community we serve.

The Vision Statement is:

We envision the Kiwanis Care Centre as a role model, resident safety centred, caring organization providing a unique holistic approach to life for our family members here, and our extended family in the community. Kiwanis Care Centre will endeavour to provide knowledgeable and current clinical therapeutic and support services to our residents to enhance the life quality.

The Statement of Values and Principles is as follows:

Our philosophy is a commitment to ensure that relationships between residents’ families, volunteers, board and staff are based on trust, respect, confidentiality and the maintenance of each person’s dignity. We are committed to organizing our continuum of care around our residents’ needs.



The Board of the Kiwanis Care Centre has received word from Accreditation Canada that our facility has been awarded “ACCREDITATION WITH EXEMPLARY STANDING*”. See information here.

*Accredited with Exemplary Standing: The organization attains the highest level of performance, achieving excellence in meeting the requirements of the accreditation program.

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